Getting My College Degree

32kb-flip-side1As I was growing up I enjoyed getting an education. It was a high point in my life as a child. My favorite subjects were business math and everything to do with English, like literature and creative writing.

As I entered my senior year of high school I knew graduation was coming up fast. Both my parents had a college degree, so I knew how important it was to further my education after high school. I know every job in this world is important, but I wanted more options for a job, for my life. Plus I wanted a career in something I enjoyed doing, not just a job to pay the bills. I decided to go attend college after high school.

When I first started going to college I wanted to be a journalist. After my first semester in the journalist field, I had a gut feeling it was not a good career for me. I love writing of all kinds, but I really didn’t want to be on the road or away from home too much. Before the beginning of my second semester in college I changed my degree to accounting.

Accounting is a lot of math, which I enjoyed doing. I never enjoyed geometry in high school, but I have always enjoyed doing algebra and business math. I enjoyed all my accounting classes in college. I knew this would be the career field I wanted to be in once I earned my college degree.

I was excited to be getting my accounting degree. I knew it would open more doors for me for a better paying job and more job opportunities. When I finally graduated from college I had a bachelor of science degree with accounting major and an English minor.

My degree helped me land my first job in the accounting field. Even though my first accounting job was at the bottom of the totem pole, it was a foot in the door I would not of had otherwise. Some people may not think furthering their education after high school helps, but I do.

A college degree can and will help, not only for getting your foot in the door but also with more job opportunities. My college degree has helped me with my career, with various different career opportunities, and with my income.