Years ago, students graduated from high school and entered the job force. Students were eager to earn a wage and sometimes accept jobs that they did not like and were grossly unhappy with going to work every day. Many men and women found themselves in this predicament and did not know how to eliminate the problem so stay with the job until the day they retired. I believe that this is a sad scenario for people.

As years passed, employers started to see that a higher education for their employees was a beneficial step for the business and the employee.

Now many employers are not giving choices about a higher education to their employees and are mandating that employees go back to school to earn a higher education. Employers are telling employees that they must obtain their bachelor’s degree or higher in order to keep their present job.

My opinion is that even though a higher education is essential for a higher pay scale, college is not for everyone.

Not all people are college material. I am not saying anything bad about those who are not college bound nor have no interest in college.

What I have discovered is that many people who do not go to college have more common sense and smarts then the student who has earned their bachelor’s or master’s degree.

Many of these college graduates possess book smarts, with no common sense. I am not stating that this is true with all college students. What I am saying is that I have seen a good many graduate possess absolutely no common sense in dealing with their job, other employees they work with and life in general. Their new ideas are often off base and make no sense to the public domain, but find approval by the employer who has no common sense either.

One instance of what I am attempting to communicate is our current government. Ideas, bills passed, and solutions given to current problems by our lawmakers make most American’s wonder if lawmakers have lost their ability to think things through and have possibly lost all their all their ability to make sound judgments and use common sense. Our justice system is turned upside down. I believe this happens when there is no common sense. These lawmakers require a higher education to obtain the position they hold in government. Most politicians are attorneys, holding a bachelors degree or higher.

If given the chance to have a wealth of wisdom and common sense versus my degree and no common sense I would chose the latter. I believe that parents have the responsibility of teaching common sense and the ability to make the right decisions to their children when very young. When the child makes an error in judgement the parents generally discipline the child so that this does not happen again. I believe that colleges do not teach these two necessary traits.

According to the Encyclopedia Britannica’s example of common sense, it does not sound like the student in college learns this trait of common sense. There examples are as follows:

• “You really should go to see a doctor if your leg hurts that much. It’s just common sense.”

• “Obey the laws and use common sense when operating your boat.”

• “She’s very smart, but she does not have a lot of common sense.”

I wish that colleges taught common sense, but I know of no courses on this issue. The student needs to use discreetness, have gumption, and horse sense as said to children years ago. Being a level headed, showing prudence, sense, wisdom and wit are the characteristics of a person with wisdom (not with books) and common sense. These traits inbreed in the person’s natural intellect, not a degree.

Hats off to the students who have earned their degree and possess all the traits of common sense.